• May 27, 2015

Private School Credit Card Bill Passes Texas Legislature

Private School Credit Card Bill Passes Texas Legislature

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AUSTIN — House Bill 1881 passed the Texas Senate and is headed to the governor’s desk for signature. This bill allows pre-K-12 private schools to allow parents to pay for their children’s tuition through a credit or debit card instead of absorbing the fees in their school budget. Representative Giovanni Capriglione (Southlake) is the bill’s author and Senator Brandon Creighton (Conroe) is the senate sponsor.

Currently, private schools are not allowed to charge these fees as a way to offset some of their expenses and their counterparts – public schools, public and private colleges and universities, are allowed to pass along the fee.

“H.B. 1881 provides a new avenue for parents and guardians to pay for their child’s tuition at private and parochial schools,” said Senator Creighton. “This means private schools can use every dollar they can in the classroom and no longer absorb the cost incurred by processing fees. State government should always look for opportunities to remove road blocks in the day-to-day lives of our citizens.”

“This is an issue brought to me by several constituents,” remarked Representative Capriglione. “This bill will give parents flexible payment options, as well as help private schools cover their costs, which is important for large and small schools alike. H.B. 1881 is mutually beneficial for parents and schools, and I’m pleased it has passed the Legislature.”

House Bill 1881 is strongly supported by the Texas Private Schools Association, representing more than 800 accredited private schools and 250,000 students throughout the state.