(Austin) Giovanni Capriglione began his term as State Representative filing two pieces of legislation which make necessary reforms for government transparency and taxpayer accountability.

“I’m proud to have the privilege of filing HB 524 and HB 526 as my first pieces of legislation. These bills reflect the will of the residents of District 98.” Giovanni stated.

Summaries of the legislation and commentary are below:

HB 524— Requiring the inclusion of government contracts in the personal financial disclosures of state elected officials.

“This bill requires all state elected officials to disclose in their biannual personal financial statements any contracts which they, their spouse, or their majority-owned business have with a government entity,” Giovanni explained. “Citizens don’t trust politicians and we don’t deserve their trust unless we continue to force transparency with elected officials. This is a common sense change which should have been enacted long ago. I’m happy to have bi-partisan excitement about this bill.”

HB 526— Restoring transparency to taxpayer retirement systems.

“HB 526 will ensure taxpayer retirement systems are accountable to concerned citizens, newspapers and anyone else who would like to obtain aggregate information regarding the financial stability of the retirement system,” the Representative commented. “Currently there is no recourse when individuals are denied rightful information. HB 526 will allow the Attorney General the discretion to decide whether retirement systems should provide such information to the requesting party. This bill is a win for government transparency and taxpayer accountability.”

The Texas Tribune has already written a piece covering the legislation

I am very pleased to announce our campaigns’ latest endorsement. Texas State Senator Dan Patrick has joined in supporting me for State Representative of District 98.

Senator Patrick gave his endorsement saying,”Giovanni Capriglione will bring a conservative philosophy to the legislature. He will stand up for the people in his district and all across Texas who share his conservative values.”.

I am truly grateful for this endorsement and its further solidifying me as the true conservative in the race. My thanks to Senator Patrick for his joining to support conservative values in District 98.

I am grateful to each of you for your continued support. We are making history by restoring conservative representation to District 98.

Recently Giovanni has received the following grades and endorsements:

DFW Conservative Voters
Young Conservatives of Texas
Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
Texas Right to Life
Texas Home School Coalition
Tarrant Republican Club
NE Tarrant Tea Party
Boiling Point Tea Party
TX Action
Families for Fiscal Responsibility
Endorsed by Cathie Adams – Immediate past president of Republican Party of Texas
Endorsed by Tom Pauken – Past President of the Republican Party of Texas

NRA “A” Rating
Heritage Alliance/Texas Eagle Forum: “A”
Winner of TCGOP Straw Poll (more votes than any other candidate)

It’s exciting to see conservative leaders around Texas continue to notice the hard work our campaign is putting in. We get out every day and meet new voters in District 98, we tell them about our conservative message, and it’s working.

Today I get to announce the endorsement of former Texas GOP Chairman, and former Reagan official, Tom Pauken. This endorsement is great for our campaign and continues to show the voters I’m the clear conservative choice in this election.

Tom Pauken endorsed our campaign saying “Giovanni is a successful entrepreneur who knows what it takes to create jobs. He will go down to Austin and fight for consistent conservative policies. Giovanni’s heart is to serve his district, not feather his own nest, and that’s why I fully support his candidacy. We need new conservative leaders like Giovanni in Austin to stand up for our conservative principles.”

Today I get to share with you our best news of the campaign yet!

Earlier this week we received the endorsement of Texas Right to Life PAC. Texas Right to Life is the oldest and largest statewide pro-life group in Texas. They have defended innocent life from beginning to end and I’m honored to have their support of my campaign.

Texas Right to Life only endorses candidates with high moral character and an unyielding resolve to protect human life. They endorsed my campaign because we have spent the last few months communicating a clear, conservative message to the voters of House District 98.

For me the issue of life is my most passionate. It’s where our freedoms begin. Without life you cannot have liberty, freedom, or the pursuit of happiness. As your next State Representative I will fight tirelessly day in, and day out, to protect and defend innocent life. Please share this endorsement with your friends and family.

This campaign has always been about issues and endorsements like this continue to draw the contrast between our campaign and Vicki Truitt.

Today Giovanni Capriglione, candidate for Texas House District 98, was endorsed by New York Times best seller and member of the Liberty Institute’s advisory board, Kevin Freeman. Kevin Freeman is a resident of House District 98 and is the leading expert in the nation regarding economic terrorism and the threat it poses to our country.

Freeman endorsed Giovanni by stating “Everywhere I go I get asked by conservatives if I’m endorsing Giovanni. The answer is yes! It’s clear that the voters in my district are tired of the moderate views supposedly representing us in Austin and desire a true conservative like Giovanni Capriglione.”

Giovanni commented on the endorsement saying “Kevin Freeman is one of the most respected individuals in our community. He has a history of standing for strong conservative values and I’m honored to receive his endorsement. Every day we have more leaders in the community joining our campaign, they all agree it’s time for conservative leadership in the Texas House.”

Today our campaign was endorsed by former Texas Republican National Committeewoman Denise McNamara. McNamara has also served as State Republican Executive Committeewoman for Senate District 16 and President of Golden Corridor Republican Women.

Mrs. McNamara endorsed our campaign stating “The people of District 98 deserve a bold conservative representing them in Austin. Someone of conviction and strong character, Giovanni is both. I am very pleased to endorse him and the values he champions.”

It’s so encouraging to see conservatives across the DFW area and across Texas support our campaign.

We have been fighting for limiting the size of state government, standing against all new taxes, and increasing the quality of education. The voters of HD 98 are also concern with the fact that our current State Representative has done nothing to address illegal immigration.

They’re tired of business as usual.

I’m proud of the endorsement of Denise McNamara and with your help we can continue the momentum we have.

Last week I was endorsed by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, a strong conservative group that I am grateful to be aligned with.

President of TFR Michael Quinn Sullivan was very pointed in his endorsement saying, “Giovanni will bring a strong, conservative vision to the Texas House, He will oppose the imposition of new taxes, fight to reduce the tax burden on Texans, and demand greater accountability in how our dollars are spent.”

He went on to say, “As a grassroots leader, Giovanni understands the importance of engaging voters and encouraging them to take an active role in their community and government.”

Sullivan pointed out I have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and have been instrumental in working to involve citizens in local issues.

This endorsement shows our Bold conservative ideas are continuing to build support in District 98 and across Texas.

(Southlake) Today Giovanni Capriglione, candidate for Texas House District 98, was endorsed by immediate-past Texas GOP chairman Cathie Adams. Cathie Adams has served Texas conservatives for decades in her leadership roles with Texas Eagle Forum and the Republican Party of Texas.

Adams endorsed Giovanni by stating “Giovanni is a conservative leader who will stand for the values of the voters in House District 98. He will fight to limit government spending, something Vicki Truitt has refused to do during her time in the Texas House. It’s time for leaders who are willing to stand for conservative principles, not peddle a pro-tax agenda.”

Giovanni has been married for 11 years to his wife Elisa and has three children two of whom attend Carroll Elementary School. More information regarding Giovanni’s candidacy can be found at http://www.votegiovanni.com/.

Our Campaign is Official!

November 29, 2011

Giovanni Capriglione

Yesterday I filed with the Tarrant County Republican Party for a place on the ballot for State House District 98!

The more time I spend talking to the voters of House District 98 the more determined I am to provide conservative leadership in the Texas House. Job creation, limited & transparent government, and quality education are high priorities of this district.

Without conservative leadership in the Texas House none of these issues can be addressed. Voters are tired of lifelong politicians who are irresponsible with taxpayer dollars. I am humbled to have the opportunity to talk with the voters of House District 98 about what they want from their State Representative.

Want to Help the campaign?

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