The Facts Don’t Lie

The facts don’t lie, but my opponent does.

You may have recently received a false and dishonest attack about a bill that would help seniors, calling the bill a “tax.”

The truth is that my vote was for better nursing homes and better quality of care for our senior citizens.

Here are the real FACTS :

  • There is NO “Granny Tax”
  • The bill language specifically states that “A facility may not list the reinvestment allowance as a separate charge on a resident’s billing statement or otherwise directly or indirectly attempt to charge the reinvestment allowance to a resident.”

  • The bill would not cost taxpayer dollars and rewards quality healthcare.
  • Modeled after a CMS approved program currently used by 43 other states, such as Alabama, Arizona, Mississippi, Indiana and Utah, the bill would have established a way for Texas to draw down federal funds to help improve nursing homes without using a state appropriation.

The actual text of the bill is here: http://www.capitol. billtext/pdf/HB02766E.pdf# navpanes=0

If you have any questions, call me anytime: (817) 601-5446. Please forward this with your friends who have been mislead by opponent.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship,

God Bless,

Giovanni Capriglione