Fiscal Discipline

As a successful businessman, Giovanni knows you can’t spend more than you take in. He’s using his private sector experience to bring fiscal discipline to the state budget.

As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Budget Transparency and Reform, Giovanni has saved millions of taxpayer dollars by reducing waste, fraud and abuse in our state budget. Because of Giovanni’s efforts, Texas passed a balanced budget that cut spending by $200 million without raising taxes.

Giovanni is doing more than cutting spending. He’s finding ways for government to work more like private business, creating new revenue without tax increases. Giovanni passed a bill that improves the way Texas invests the money in its savings account. This will increase the state’s investment return by more than $50 million dollars per year.

Pro-Life Champion

Giovanni has a 100% pro-life voting record and will protect innocent life at all costs. Giovanni voted to defund Planned Parenthood and has authored and passed numerous pro-life pieces of legislation.

During the last special session, Giovanni passed a bill providing more transparent and accurate reporting of abortion complications. Governor Abbott praised Giovanni’s efforts saying, “This bill (HB13), which would not have been possible without the leadership of … Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, will result in more accurate data being provided to the state. The health and safety of women is of the utmost importance, and we must have the most accurate data available in order to create good policy.”

Stop Illegal Immigration

We must secure our borders and respect the rule of law. The federal government has neglected their responsibility to secure the border, so Texas has had to step up to the plate.

Last session, Giovanni authored a bill that stops Texas cities from harboring illegal immigrants and allows our law enforcement officials to stop those that are breaking our immigration laws. In the previous session, Giovanni passed a bill to put an additional 250 state troopers and better technology on the border to protect our families from violent criminals, drug cartels, human traffickers and terrorists.

Job Creation

Giovanni is creating a business environment in Texas that encourages economic growth and job creation. Earning a 100% rating from National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Giovanni has cut government red tape, taxes and fees. He is stopping frivolous lawsuits by personal injury trial lawyers that create a hidden “tort tax” on Texans that only enrich the lawyers.

Property Tax Reform

Giovanni fights for property tax reforms to ensure your money stays in your pocket. Giovanni led efforts to give voters the right to veto attempts to raise property taxes and coauthored a bill to increase your homestead exemption.

Before Giovanni was elected, he was leading the fight against rising property taxes. Giovanni ran successful campaigns against tax increases in our area. As your State Representative, Giovanni continues to fight for property tax reforms to ensure your money stays in your pocket.

Reform the “Robin Hood” School Finance System

Giovanni is fighting to keep local tax dollars in local schools. Last session Giovanni authored a bill that would greatly reduced Robin Hood payments for our local school districts. Fixing our broken school finance system is a key component to reducing our property tax burden.

Advancing Conservative Principles

With an 83-0 vote, Giovanni and other members of the Texas House Republican Caucus adopted measures for the caucus to recommend a Republican candidate for Speaker. Giovanni commits to supporting the Republican speaker candidate recommended by the Texas House Republican Caucus.

Improve Education

Texas is the economic engine of our country, generating more jobs since the recession than any other state in the union. To keep our competitive advantage, we must have an educated work force.

We are blessed to have many excellent schools in our area, but we can improve. Giovanni is fighting for more local control of our school districts and is leading efforts to ensure tax dollars make it directly to the classroom.

Increase Government Transparency

Giovanni has led the effort to increase transparency in government because that’s the only way it can be held accountable to the people.

Giovanni was named Open Government Lawmaker of the Year for passing several significant ethics reform bills. He led efforts to require a searchable database of all major state and local contracts, specifically detailing every business or person that profits from local contracts, including elected officials. The San Antonio Express News praised the bill as “the most significant ethics reform bill of the session”.

Protect the Second Amendment

Giovanni has an “A” rating from the NRA and fully supports our right to keep and bear arms. He will always be on the side of gun owners and will support their constitutional rights. He has cut CHL fees and passed a law allowing CHL holders to use their license as a valid form of ID.

Other Conservative Accomplishments

Government frequently falls behind in utilizing advancements in technology and security. Sensing a looming disaster, Giovanni passed a sweeping cyber security bill that will help keep your private information stored with the state safe from cyber-attacks.

Giovanni authored and passed the Texas State Bullion Depository bill which will better protect our state’s sovereignty by bringing gold and silver back to Texas. Giovanni has been interviewed with organizations across the world to discuss this bill including the Associated Press, CNBC, Fox Business News, Reuter’s, CNN Money and Bloomberg.


We had a great conversation with Colonel Coggan, Chief Counsel for Cyber Defense (CA Military Department). Its a new world as military, law enforcement, and private sector works together to deal with significant policy issues around cyber defense (and cyber offense). We also got to hear from JAG and NCIS officers - all held in the Honorable Judge Chuck Vanover's Criminal Court #8 (Judge Vanover is also a Staff Judge Advocate for the Texas State Guard) ... See MoreSee Less

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I am honored to have been appointed the Chairman of the House Select Committee on Cybersecurity by Texas House Speaker Joe Straus. Each day we hear about more and more cyber-attacks, breaches and personal information being stolen and resold. Illegally stolen health credentials, for instance, command a huge premium – this data is used to track, identify and violate our privacy.

Our committee will be looking at cybersecurity in this state, the information security plans of each state agency and the vulnerabilities of state agency cybersecurity. This is a wide ranging review, looking at a variety of topics from election integrity issues to the safety of personal and private information.

I look forward to working on this important topic with my House Colleagues, Rep. Ina Minjarez, Tony Dale, Cesar Blanco and Rep. Jay Dean.
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Join SERC for our May Monthly Meeting with State Rep. @VoteGiovanni Capriglione, Chair House Select Committee on Cybersecurity, Tuesday, May 8th 6:30 pm Spring Creek Barbeque in Mansfield! Guests are welcome, this is a public event provided by SERC!

Great conversation with Col. Coggan, Chief Counsel for Cyber Defense (CA Mil. Dept), TCCC#8 @JudgeVanover, TX State Guard, JAGs and NCIS. Its a new world as military, LE, and private sector work together on policy issues around cyber defense (and cyber offense).

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